Thursday, May 10 - What We Did Today!

Today I was outside most of the day.  The kids came and went, and I was able to help write two books.  We read “My Family” written by Molly Herbst, “My Family” written by Bodhi McIntyre, and “My Family” written by Stella Stewart.  Five more to write and seven more to read!  AND the Authors’ Tea is on Thursday the 17th.  Oh, my! 

The kids did an awesome job listening to the books today all the way to the middle of the third book.  They tried to let me know that they were done, but they held in there with me and we made it through!

Jenny was working with the kids in the butterfly tent, helping them to hold them and keep them safe.  When I asked who was able to hold a butterfly, I found that not everyone chose to be inside for that project and missed out.  But really there was important work to be done outside such as digging, building, and keeping a baby dragon happy. 

I asked the kids what it felt like when they were holding the butterflies.  The only word they had to describe it was “tickles”.  Well, it is pretty descriptive.

Jake was at the art table helping kids with a butterfly project.  After they finished up, they came outside with their butterfly trailing behind them.  I fun project, even if it is a craft (sorry).

My thanks to Jake and Jenny for all of their help!