Tuesday, May 1 - What We Did Today!


Happy May Day!  Today we were able to write and read two My Family books, My Family by Eliza Jones and My Family by Margot Zieske.  It was difficult for the kids to sit and listen today, but we persevered and finished up!  That makes four read, six written, and nine to go!

Many kids were outside with Sara at various times, but I noticed one group in particular as I came out to observe.  Liam, Bodhi, and Adam were busy building a loft for the structure.  With hard hats on they got to it!  Sara told me they worked really well together working through different ideas, problem solving, and listening to each other.  Now if they could only train some politicians!

Inside at the art table, there were plastic berry baskets, long plastic strips of different colors, and paper strips.  The kids went right to weaving a May basket, some in the traditional sense while others had their own ideas.  They made some flowers to add to the baskets.

We had River cooking up a storm for Stella and Bash until he decided to join Adam and play his game.  Stella and Bash did a great job cleaning up their area before moving on to jungle animal play.  River moved to the marble run, which he created on his own but let others test it out.  Nice job!

At the water table, I had promised several kids that I would leave the bubble water for another day, so we had more bubbles.  This time I added some straws.  They were blowing to make a huge number of bubbles as well as blowing into an individual bubble to make it grow.

My thanks to Brittni and Sara for all of their help today!