Monday, April 9 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Otto’s 5th birthday with carrot cake and a song.  The carrot cake was yummy thanks to our bakers, Marcus, Otto, Finn, and Avery!

At first circle, we talked about dirt, or soil as scientists call it.  When asked if they would like to be scientists, about half said no.  I reminded them that a scientist studies various things, gets ideas, tests ideas, and then evaluates the process.  I asked if they like to look at things like dirt, do they like to experiment, and do they like to find out how things work.  This time many more said yes.  Well, that’s a scientist!  We did an experiment with some dirt.  We mixed it with water, shook it well, and then watched as the dirt settled in layers.  After an hour, we could see a bottom, middle and top.  We will check it again on Wednesday to see if it has change since today!

At the art table, we were painting small pots with acrylic paints.  There was one requirement, it had to have a face somewhere on the pot.  We will be planting grass seed on Wednesday which will grow to become the hair.  The beginning of our spring plantings.

I put some building tubes into the water table with water in a separate container.  The idea was to have the kids build the tubes into a run then test with the water.  At first, Lucy and Otto took off with the idea.  They built separately and then added their pieces together.  They tested the runs with water seeing where it would go.  Later, I saw Barkley and Dashel working on the tubes.  They had no interest in the water portion, they were only interested in what they could build which was also fun.

Outside in the beautiful sun, Kyle had quite a few kids working on various things.  Avery was busy building a floor under the top of the structure.  Otto joined him after finishing his cake.  Edie was looking for treasure with Henry.  Finn and Marcus were digging in the garden.  Mae was racing trucks down the slide along with Simon.  All in all, it was joyful chaos. 

The kids are still enjoying pouring the corn into various containers, building mountains, and just feeling it.  My thanks to Ali and Kyle for all of their help today!