Friday, April 6 - What We Did Today!


As it was yesterday, so it was today with everyone just a bit off.  Not sure what that was about, but it made clean-up much more difficult!

On Wednesday, Lillian came in wanting to sew.  She decided on a chicken.  We got started, but as you can imagine, we didn’t get too far.  However, while working, several kids wanted to do the same thing at the last minute.  So today, I set up the art table with fabric, sewing scissors, and needles and thread.  There was much interest, but for some, the time necessary was more than they were willing to wait for.  Dashel and Barkley solved this problem by using fabric glue instead of sewing.  Their use of scissors and glue brought forth two very different aliens from another planet.  Lucy also created with glue and fabric.  I’m not sure what she was working on, but I do know that she created three of them! 

Lillian completed her sewing, stuffed and closed the opening.  Then she added a couple of chicken legs and it was ready to go!  Mae sewed a grocery bag which she finished and took home.  Others showed up with 5 minutes to spare and I had to tell them there was not enough time to start.  These were mainly the same kids as from Wednesday.  The question of the day is “Will they do the same thing on Monday, waiting until the last minute, or will they be one of the first to ask to sew?”

Outside, Josh, Easton’s dad showed the kids how to pound the ground so that the worms thought it was raining and suddenly worms were popping out of the garden ground!  From there, the kids moved on to mud and sand pies.

My thanks to Jennifer and Kymberli for all of their help today!