Thursday, April 5 - What We Did Today!

Today everyone was a bit off.  Not sure what that was about, but we dealt with it the best we could.  Some kids made other choices while some just needed to be comforted.

Play dough, as always, was busy with different tools and ideas.  The kids were doing a great job of sharing when asked and the conversations were many.

The water table is clothes washing which is giving many kids a good workout of their fine motor skills.  When holding a clothes pin in one hand and a sopping wet dress in the other, it can be difficult to work those muscles necessary to pinch the clothes pin open. 

Outside the kids were looking for worms, but Sebastian told me he couldn’t find any today.  The other outsiders were in the sandbox using the rain barrel to pour and splash in. Many came in needing new socks and/or pants!

The shoppers at Irvington Market decided to take their groceries to the loft and unload.  They had a great time unloading, but restocking is never fun and even less so when you have to carry everything down from the loft.  But they were persistent and with help from other friends, they completed the job!

Liam and River were busy building with Legos.  They built some awesome spaceships that they wanted to keep safe, so they could play with them another day.

My thanks to Kari and Britni for all of their help today!