Wednesday, April 4 - What We Did Today!


Today we had our guest drummer, Okaidja.  He is from Ghana and shared much about his country.  The kids asked some good questions about Ghana such as what do they eat, what animals do they have (pets), and what do they do for fun.

He brought in 12 drums so we each had a drum to ourselves.  At first, he had us follow him, but then he let us “go crazy”.  We each had a solo and everyone clapped for us.

After the drums, he taught us a dance.  It had 3 parts.  It also had a part at the end with free style dancing.  Usually, I have to dance around crazy before they will try. This is the first time I’ve had all of the kids dancing freely to the music he was playing.  Be sure to check out the video!  (Sorry, it won't let me add the video.)

The last think he taught us was a Ghanaian song which I certainly can’t remember even now, but some of the kids may so be sure to check with them.

Once back from the gym, we had about 30 minutes to play.  During that time, several kids chose to make drums.  I am looking forward to hearing them play on Friday when they will be dry.

My thanks to Kaci and Michelle for all of their help today!