Tuesday, April 3 - What We Did Today!


Today we made spring hats with flowers, ribbons, leaves, and fabric.  Be prepared to have a spring parade when they come on home!  With the sun out (then in, then out, then in) Rachel had many kids outside digging for worms, playing on the play structure, and hanging out in the sand box.  At one point, Sebastian had a handful of worms all mixed together in his hand.

In the water table, we were washing clothes and hanging them to dry on the line.  Adam was very concerned that the dress needed two clothes pins rather than one, so I quickly remedied the situation.  Our baby dolls have some very clean clothes! 

We had several shoppers at the grocery store today.  They filled their carts and pushed them home.  Later, we brought them back and restocked the store.

Much work was being done at the dry table.  Rowan, Bodhi, and Adam were maneuvering the corn seed to create a tiger den with a moat around it.  There were kids pouring and measuring corn as well. 

In the gym, we discovered that the ball box was a great drum when turned upside down.  Several kids tested it out.  Jubilee was playing the drum while standing on two scooter boards! 

My thanks to Nathaniel and Rachel for all of their help today!