Friday, April 27 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Marcus’ 5th birthday with a song and banana cake!  The cake was a big success among the majority of preschoolers.  It certainly smelt good!

We talked about roots and what their job is – to bring the plant water and nutrients.  We described nutrients as similar to vitamins.  I showed them various roots that you can find in the grocery store, green onion, carrots, potatoes, yams, and radishes.  Then, at the art table, we made prints on cardboard using the vegetables and paint.  These became our book covers for our last book, “A Scientific Journal”.  Here we will be observing and documenting what our gardens are doing.

Outside, Avery, Easton, and Otto were building with loose parts such as boards and tools to create their own house.  They even had a potty with the capabilities of turning pee and poop into drinking water.  This is our future!  Edie and Simon were digging for worms although none seemed to want to be seen.

Many of the kids discovered some tubes I had out that you can use to build things.  Needless to say, by the end of the day we had seen more swords and blasters than in the previous month.  They lend themselves well to this type of design.  It also allowed some reminders about guns and the need to check with anyone near by to be sure they are okay with gun or sword play.

In the dramatic play area, Aesa, Lucy, Finn and Aria were cooking, eating, dressing and acting out a complex storyline that they have been working on for a couple of weeks.  The office is still enticing many to test out the type writer.  They have been noticing some of the things it does even though it does not have an ink ribbon.

My thanks to Julianna and Andrew for all of their help today!