Thursday, April 26 - What We Did Today!


Today the kids were split between outside and inside.  Outside, Jubilee and Rowan were playing scenes from the Hobbit.  They were using the ropes to act out their story.  Several kids were busy climbing trees.  Molly was digging with Ginny and Josie was busy everywhere!

Inside, I was able to sit with a couple of kids and write their books.  I actually printed three books and still had time to see what everyone was up to.  Of the books written, we read “My Family” by Adam Soares and “My Family” by Jubilee Hotchkiss.  Three down twelve to go!

The art table had various roots for printing with paint.  It was a busy station at first but petered out fairly quickly.  The water table is filled with cool bubble water.  The favorite tool with this is a plain metal hoop about 11 inches in diameter.  As you pull it out of the water, a film is created covering the area of the circle.  Depending on how fast you bring it out, you may get a bubble in the air, a dome on top of the water, or a stretchable cover on the hoop.  The last instance is fascinating to watch.  As you move the ring up and down, the film stretches to go back and forth through the center of the ring.

The office at the writing table is very popular due to the typewriter.  Many of the kids haven’t seen a typewriter and are fascinated by what happens when they hit the keys. 

Several kids were working together in the dramatic play area taking care of babies and each other.  There was cooking and dress-up as well.

My thanks to Kari and Ginny for all of their help today!