Wednesday, April 25 - What We Did Today!


Today was picture day on the Smile Bus!  I was so proud of these kids!  They were amazing while on the bus as well as while waiting for their turn.  Everyone listened to Louise, sat quietly, and had their picture taken. 

The classroom was fairly quiet although somewhat warm.  While waiting for their turn in the bus, kids were working with collage materials at the art table.  Watching, I noticed kids thinking about what they wanted to add rather than just gluing whatever they saw onto their paper.  I good beginning to executive function skills. 

There was some fun bubble blowing going on in the water table with kids helping other kids use the tools.  The play dough is still one of the best opportunities for fine motor skill development with squishing and squashing the dough.  It also has the ability to bring out a calmer child by the end of play.

Outside, while I was taking kids to and from the bus, Kerri was on outdoor duty.  She had the kids playing a game called circus clown.  They were having so much fun, I had to find out how to play, so the kids shared the song with me about the clown Ding-A-Ling and doing a silly thing!  They were very careful to be sure and applaud for each other.

On Monday, Lucy and Aesa had turned the writing table into an office, so I immediately brought out an old typewriter and office phone.  Today, kids were lining up for a chance to try out the typewriter.  I never know what is going to inspire them next.

My thanks to Kaci and Kerri for all of their help today!