Tuesday, April 24 - What We Did Today!


Today was picture day on the Smile Bus!  Louise has been doing this for ever and it shows in the pictures.  These are not your fancy artsy pics, they are snapshots of your children at this point in their development.  What does that mean?  Well, for my youngest, it meant a bruised forehead on one side or the other in each annual picture, staged, bored or normal smile, and the clothes that he loved at that time of his life.  Looking back at my boys’ annual pictures always reminds me of where they were at that moment in life.

Unfortunately, with the Smile Bus here, that is about all I was able to see going on other than some outdoor fun.  Margot and Liam both dug in the sand and buried their feet while Josie was sliding on the slide.  Sebastian and Adam were looking for worms in the garden, surprise, surprise!

We had bubbles in the water table which were a hit and collage items on the art table.

In the gym, Addy and Isla were dressed as vampires wandering through the area.  We had a baby shark which many of the kids were taking care of and Princess Eliza was gathering kitties to take home to her castle.

My thanks to Brittni and Teresa for all of their help today!