Monday, April 23 - What We Did Today!


Today we had a guest visit from “Talk About Trees”.  Lisa started talking with us in circle about how scientists sort.  Then she had us sort some pictures by live and not a live.  Next, we sorted the live pictures into plants and animals.  We took the plants and sorted them into trees and others.  Finally, we took the trees and sorted them into conifers and broadleaf trees.

We looked at different leaves and decided if they were conifers or broadleaf trees.  We used the symbol of one finger up for conifers (it kind of looks like a needle) and the whole hand with the fingers spread for the broadleaves.  The kids caught on to the sorting pretty quickly and were very engaged with Lisa while she was going through the presentation.

She showed us many different types of cones, careful to tell the kids that pine cones came from pine trees, but fir cones are from fir trees.  She proceeded to show us various types of pine cones, some fir cones, and cedar cones.  Again, the kids stayed very engaged.

We went outside for a short walk up the block looking for conifers and broadleaf, both of which are easily spotted on 14th.  Upon returning, we took turns making our own paper!  I think the kids did great!  Most were very attentive, all decided to be involved with the paper making, and our walk was lovely.

My thanks to Margaret and Julianna for all of their work today!