Friday, April 20 - What We Did Today!


Today we broke into two groups.  The first group of seven helped make a rainbow cake to celebrate Aria and Finn’s fifth birthday!  The colors they chose were bright and beautiful.

The second group went outside with me to start a structure for our bean house.  Each child picked a stick and put it in place while I did the tying.  We had a bit of trouble with the sand and rocky soil nearest the play pad, but they persevered and it all came together.  We will plant some bean seeds next week.

The second group came inside with me and while the bakers were busy working, they planted their own green houses choosing from Nasturtiums, Marigolds, or Cosmos.  Now, we learn to wait, not and easy task for this age, but an important life skill.

Once the bakers were finished, they came outside and finished up the structure.  At this point, all but four kids were outside playing in the sun.

We had some great tree climbers testing their skills with a few scratches from pokey branches.  Several kids were digging for treasure in the sandbox.  I’m not sure how they did with treasure, but it looked like they had hit oil.  We had our usual worm searchers digging through the garden.  And, of course, our truck drivers.

Inside there was the family game in dramatic play.  The girls really enjoy their game until it is clean-up time.  They take advantage of almost all of the food and clothing in the dramatic play area and move them around.  As the free time ends, they are responsible to put everything back where it goes.  Needless to say, this is a long and tiring job.  They have been doing a good job being persistent and completing the task!

My thanks to Marya and Julianna for all of their help today!