Monday, April 2 - What We Did Today!


Today we were missing the most kids ever!  There were eight here and it was the longest day ever.  With three adults and eight kids, I almost sent one of the parent helpers home, but no matter how many kids are here, the cleaning is always the same and necessary.

Richard was outside with Edie and Easton playing in the sand box and on the structure.  There was some turnover as kids came in and others went out.  Inside, several were making Spring hats with ribbons and flowers.  They were very cute.

We were washing laundry in the water table, but not too many took a try at this.  Maybe Wednesday.  Otto and Avery were working in the woodworking area building onto their kite.  They shared some of the ideas they were working on at first circle and showed us how far it was coming along.  They went to the play dough table to draw-up some plans for their nail whacker and remote control.  This is a great early literacy example that naturally happens in play-based learning environments.  It’s my favorite part of teaching!

There was quite a wait at the cash register in our grocery store.  Lillian was working as fast as she could to ring up her groceries while Aesa and Lucy waited patiently in line.  Of course, I quickly discovered the need for shelf stockers once the shopping was finished and they were ready to move on.  I am now certified in stocking as well as setting up dramatic play.

Dash, Easton, and Aesa were playing with the cars.  They were giving them personalities and storylines.  At one point I heard some tears and upon checking it out, it was just the storyline and some very good actors working through their scenes.

My thanks to Summar and Richard for all of their help today!