Thursday, April 19 - What We Did Today!


Today we were missing four kids for various reasons.  As I’m sure you can imagine, it changes the dynamics quite a bit!  We had two visiting families checking out the school so with four missing it gave all of us a better opportunity to talk with them.

Outside with the glorious weather were most of the kids for quite a while.  Liam was climbing trees along with Rowan and Jubilee.  Sebastian was digging for worms and Molly and Isla were helping out.  Addy was waiting for someone to bring the worms to her so that she could see them.

Inside, we had water colors out.  I stuck to the warm colors for today.  I’m hoping the kids will pick up on the pale colors versus the stronger ones and begin to use less water while painting. 

There was shaving cream on the sensory table for a change of pace.  Shaving cream draws a different group than play dough.  It is interesting to see which kids are looking for that special sensory feeling and dive right in while others stand back and watch.

Bash and Bodhi were in the dramatic play cooking together for a while. I was being served some breakfast from one of our visitors when Eliza came and joined us.  We were having croissants and tea, just right!

River was playing with the tubes placing people, cars, anything in one end to see it come out of the other.  He even put his hand in the end creating a robotic arm.  Sebastian thought this was a great idea and joined him.  From this, they began a game of bopping the robotic arms of each other.  Not sure what I thought about this, I suggested they make sure no one else was around so they wouldn’t accidently hit someone.  They did and enjoyed their game for a couple of minutes then it petered out.

We sang our fire drill song then followed up with a fire drill.  Everyone did great.  They were quick, quiet, and right on!  My thanks to Jesse and Jenny for all of their help today!