Wednesday, April 18 - What We Did Today!

Today we had planned to break into groups of five and complete some projects.  However, as with life, things happen, and we did not have enough time to break into the groups, so we will make that Friday’s plan.  Instead, we had a regular day and by regular, I mean busy.

They were all busy within their own groups of two to five working together, solving problems, and creating.  I actually had time to wander and write notes about what I saw rather than try to remember what they were doing after class.

At the art table, dry table and sensory table, we had kids planting seeds in their own green houses.  We will be keeping a scientific journal to monitor their growth.  Now I just have to find a free window sill to put them in!

Stefan was outside and for quite a while with Edie, Marcus and Simon.  They were busy digging for worms.  Stefan said they found many in the garden.  It kept them interested for most of free time.  Others came out with different agendas during the last part of the morning.

Avery and Otto were busy at the workbench making knives.  I asked Otto how they were doing it and he said, “We’re using tools to make tools!”

Barkley and Dash were busy building with the marble run, weapons mind you not a marble run.  Very creative.  At the same time, Mae, Henry and Finn were building marble runs, real marble runs.  They were happily working together coming up with ideas.

Aesa, Aria, and Lucy were busy as the Cat family making breakfast.  They had inhabited the area under the loft as well, rearranging the furniture to meet their needs.

Lillian continued her research of baby plants inside of seeds.  She went through the new batch of seeds I brought out, found a hammer, and away she went!  Jessica showed her how to use the vise to crack open some of the nut shells.  She also found a way to get the seeds out of the money plants and showed interested kids the process.

The hair on the planters began to grow and will soon be ready for a haircut.  After that they will be ready to come home.  My thanks to Jessica and Stefan for all of their help today.