Tuesday, April 17 - What We Did Today!


Today we read our first family book which was written by Liam Glathar.  The kids met several of Liam’s cousins through the book as well as his “knuckles”.  Yay Liam!

As we work with seeds this week, we will be incorporating them into many of the different centers.  For instance, at the art table the kids used different colored seeds to create a collage.  Several kids worked through this process without a plan.  As you have heard from me before it is the process not the product and that is exactly how they worked, processing how the seeds would stick, what was the best way to add the different colors, and what they felt like.

At the sensory table, instead of play dough we had finger paint.  I like to put the paint on a tray and after the kids are through exploring the material, I take a piece of paper, lay it on top of the tray, and rub lightly to print a picture.

In the dramatic play area, we are now back to a kitchen to be used as the kids see fit.  Today, I caught four kids, Josie, Margot, Stella, and Bash under the loft laughing hysterically.  This is a major growth for all four of these kids mainly because there were four of them playing well together, but also as they were playing as a team rather than against each other.  Nice work!  Oops!  I’m trying to be better at identifying my appreciation rather than just nice job so let me try that again, nice job using appropriate social skills!

Outside, Naomi had first just one kid, but as the weather improved, she had about eight!  Liam was climbing the tree, Sebastian was making a worm house which included a slide, Josie was climbing the slide using the rope, Josie, Jubilee, Rowan and Sebastian were working in the sand box.  They had the water going and were digging sand out to make what looked like a lake.

Addy and Eliza were busy first with the guinea pigs and then they moved on to blocks and people figures.  They were creating various scripts using the people to express the story. 

My thanks to Sarah and Naomi for all of their help today!