Monday, April 16 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about seeds.  We read that seeds need water, warmth, light, and soil to grow.  We set up some experiments to test these ideas.  Together we planted five sets of three bean seeds.  One is the control which will have all four needs.  Each of the others will be missing just one of the above needs.  They chose to put the one without warmth in the freezer and the one with no light in one of my closets.  The other three are on the window sill.  Pretty exciting!

While talking about seeds, I showed the group an avocado seed that was split.  Inside you could see the baby plant that is inside of all seeds.  Because it was an avocado, you could see it very well.  After circle, I had set up many seeds at the discovery table.  I had bean seeds to dissect also.  Lillian and Simon decided they would like to check all of the seeds and see if they could find more.  Using hammers and boards, they cracked open a very large number of nuts and seed pods.  Edie and Otto joined in as well as Barkley and Dash!  It was great to see them get so excited whenever they found one.

At the art table we went in the seed direction by making collages using seeds.  The task was to draw with a pencil a design or picture and then glue the seeds where ever they would like.  We had many persistent kids sitting at the table carefully gluing the seeds into place.

There was one last day for grocery shopping which ended in almost every item stacked under the loft for the family of three, Aesa, Lucy, and Aria.  They must be big eaters.  Barkley, Dash, and Easton were starting to play a game in which they all wanted to be the same character.  Barkley said there could be three of them as a solution.  Dash said instead they could all invent their own characters.  That’s some great problem solving for both boys!

Finn, Mae, Henry, and Marcus were working on puzzles together.  As I walked by, I heard them giving each other suggestions to find the next piece.  No one was taking over or telling everyone what to do.  They worked together until the puzzle was finished and then headed for snack.  Now, that sounds like some Kindergartners working!

My thanks to Summar and Kristen for all of their help today!