Thursday, April 12 - What We Did Today!


Today we worked with clay.  At this age, it is usually about squishing, poking with tools, and checking out various textures.  It is much harder to manipulate in their small hands than play dough, so sometimes they give up before to long.  We will bring it out at different times, so they get use to it and begin to build stronger hand muscles.

We also had some clay in the water table.  It was originally for the Butterflies to show them how to make clay ready for use.  Neither class appears to want to touch it though!  Could be the gushiness of it.

We wrote Liam’s family book and will read it when his family next parent helps.  His is the second book completed.  Once we have written and read all of the kids’ books, we will have an Authors’ tea to celebrate their work.

There was a band up in the loft made up of Eliza, Addy, Margot and River.  They were playing and singing loudly for quite a while.  I tried to sing back up, but Eliza was not happy with that, so I listened instead.

Outside, Liam and Bodhi were working on their second basement again.  You’ve got to love the idea!  Josie was practicing climbing up the slide using the rope.  By the end of our time outside, she was doing the job all by herself.  Liam tried this as well, but his shoes were just too slippery.

Isla was building a hospital for the doctor figure.  I asked her if she was going to be a doctor or nurse like her Mommy and Daddy.  She said no (a lady of few words!)   So, I asked her if she was going to be an architect and design buildings.  Again, a no but this time with a look suggesting I stop asking!

Be sure to check out the picture of Stella that looks like a run-away bride!  My thanks to Lisa and Jake for all of their help!