Wednesday, April 11 - What We Did Today!

Today we planted “hair” in our pots.  Usually when I do this project, it is in an eggshell.  I decided to try it in small pots because often, very often, the egg heads break, and the artists are devastated.  The pots are in the windowsill taking up as much sun as they can in order to grow hair.

In circle, we talked a bit about soil again, mostly about what it is made of.  We double checked our experiment and noticed that we have three layers in our jar of soil, heavy materials on the bottom that we assume include rock, a cloudy liquid in the middle, and then leaves and other light particles on the top.  We will continue to monitor our jar of soil in order to discover if there are any other layers.  With our soil conversations, Avery had mentioned that clay comes from soil, so I brought out the clay to the art table.  Many kids immediately joined Josh to mush clay and create something. 

I also put some of the drier clay into the water table with a bit of water.  There was some squishing happening, but most of the kids were put off by the way it looked and not ready to get their hands mucky!

We had a marching band singing and playing “Che Che Kule” throughout the room while in formation.  It has been great seeing the kids retain the song they were taught by Okaidja last Wednesday!  There was also a girls’ band playing in the loft for a bit.

Outside, although cloudy, was fairly warm.  Kristen had quite a few kids out there enjoying truck racing and battling.  This gave them an opportunity to use up some of the amazing energy they came to school with!

My thanks to Josh and Kristen for all of their help today!