Tuesday, April 10 - What We Did Today!


Today we planted bean seeds and made a green house to put into the window.  We will be able to watch as the roots grow down, and the stems grow up! 

At the water table, I set out some building tubes and a small container of water.  The invitation is to build something with the tubes and then test it out by pouring the water into the open tubes.  Josie was one of the first to give this a try and she was enjoying watching the water coming out of the other end of the tubes.

Outside, the kids were working on various projects.  Liam and Molly were working in the sandbox which had already been flooded.  Molly collected some water from the hose and watered the plants in the garden.  Stella and Sebastian were looking for worms.  Sebastian had a handful of worms by the time I came out and he was sharing with Stella who was showing the worms to the kids inside through the window.  Liam began working on the play structure and Bodhi joined him.  He informed me that they were making a floor so they could have two basements.  I asked him why he needed two basements and with the wisdom only a preschooler possesses, he said, “Because they need the space to store things!”  Margot and Josie both joined into the endeavor with much enthusiasm.

River continues to enjoy the play dough, creating different shapes.  Josie joined in for a while as did Jubilee.  The writing table also had a fair number of participants.  It is a favorite of Eliza’s, and Adam joined her to write out a shopping list.  Adam prefers the guitar and ukulele, but also moves around.  We have two new favorite songs to sing.  Ask your child to sing “the birdie” song and “Plant a Seed”.

My thanks to Richard and Trisha for all of their help today!