Friday, March 9 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Mae’s 5th birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  We also headed out for our field trip to Irvington Veterinary.  We walked up 14th and down 15th back to the school. 

The visit was a bit underwhelming, but I don’t think the kids minded.  They asked some good questions and for the most part listened.  They saw the x-ray machine and an x-ray of a dog.  Otto said it was his back because you could see the tail bones.  They usually have a cat and dog belonging to the tech staff for the kids to see but not today.  I spotted a couple of cats kenneled behind glass windows for the kids to see.  This became the highlight of the trip for many.  On our way home, we spotted a cat who happily came over to us giving the kids a chance to pet her.

We had some issues with kids listening and staying “between the bread”.  The bread is the adults while the kids are inside of the sandwich.  Visually, this tells the kids there must be bread in front of them and behind them.  We had a few kids who had difficulties staying between adults, so we will work more on that before our next walking field trip.

Back at school, we had a little time to play while snack was being prepared.  Outside, kids were digging and refilling the worm home bucket.  Inside, various games were going on with cars, the dry table, and puzzles.

My thanks to all of our extra walkers – Ali, Kelly, Summar, Josh, and Kymberli – as well as to Margaret and Michelle for all of their help today.