Thursday, March 8 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Stella’s birthday with chocolate cake and a song.  There were only three bakers helping Jenny today, but they were very speedy and had the cake in the oven in no time!

Outside, Sebastian was looking for worms which lead us to a discussion of rain and worms, where they might go, and what they might do.  We did not find his “biggest worm I’ve ever found” worm, but he and Adam and I were watching raindrops on the slide.  Sebastian said, “How come the raindrops keep eating each other up?”  We watched for a while, and then I said, see how they are joining up so that they go faster?  It’s team work.  Sebastian watched for a while trying to decide if that was what was happening.  Scientific processing right in the middle of the slide!

We were beading at the art table using elastic string to make it easier to put around the kids’ heads.  There were many different color patterns (which weren’t really patterns at all) going onto the strings with many kids wearing bracelets and necklaces throughout the day.

Firefighters were putting out the fires that continued to pop up all day.  Josie especially enjoyed spraying the fire.  Bash and Stella joined in and finally Bodhi and Rowan.  We have been singing our fire drill song as a reminder of what to do when we have a fire drill.  Ask your child if they know the song.

River made me a wonderful Chinese dinner which I ate with my chop sticks.  Bash came in for a meal right after I left.  Eliza, Isla, and Jubilee were pouring seed through holes and tubes.  Liam came over and joined in for a bit as well.  Addy and Molly were playing bear families, bringing all the members of the family together.  My thanks to Jake and Jenny for all of their help today!