Wednesday, March 7 - What We Did Today!


Today these kids were remarkable!  Well, really, they are always remarkable in one way or another.  They came and got me because I had forgotten to give them a sign-in question.  Good thing someone is looking out for me.  When circle time came, they gathered and slowly mellowed in time to start circle.  And during circle, we were able to check in with each other for a feeling check.

After circle, many of the kids were outside with Jessica digging for worms and filling the pail attached to the broom.  They were all working well together.  Throughout the day, more and more kids stepped out until she had 10 kids working on various projects, but most were working as a team.  Marcus, Eddie and Easton had created a worm home in a bucket full of dirt.  I reminded them to be sure to add food which sent Easton directly into the classroom to get a carrot.  They reminded me that worms eat dirt also.  Then the three of them carried this bucket full of dirt from the garden to the structure as a team.

Inside, the art table started out overflowing, the project was crayons on sand paper then transferred to paper with the iron.  It gives a great pixel like look.  Some of the kids stayed there all free time.

All three of the sensory tables were busy throughout the day.  The playdough is always busy due to the great hand work out.  You can be soft or hard with it and both are acceptable.  At the water table, we are washing pets.  The warm water is therapeutic for many kids and helps to bring energy levels to a middle ground.  The corn in the dry table is not soothing or calming, it is just fun!  Pouring, stretching, thinking, repeat!

My thanks to Kyle and Jessica for all of their help today!