Tuesday, March 6 - What We Did Today!


What a beautiful day we had today!  The sun was shining and many of the kids headed out to enjoy all that it offered.  At first, it was just a few kids, then a few more, by the time snack was over Ginny had about 10 kids outside.  There were worm catchers and worm homes, mountain climbers and rock wall climbers, dirt diggers and sand diggers.  It goes on and on.  In the beginning, there was Jubilee, Josie and Sebastian.  Jubilee had an idea and put it into action.  She needed a rope, a broom, and a bucket with a handle.  Once found she directed her Mum to tie the rope to the handle and the broom.  She had invented a fishing pail!  The kids had fun dropping it down from the structure while others put things into the bucket and then pulling it back up.

Inside, there was colorful pasta for collage.  Only a few kids were interested in this project.  Next to it, there was red with gold glitter play dough.  We were squishing it, rolling it, adding different textures to it, and making pizza.  Rowan took some of the pasta and added them to the play dough to create a person.

In the water table, we had a pet wash station.  Each of the animals were washed at least half a dozen times!  They have never been cleaner.  At the easel, the kids are painting with “palette knives”.  Eliza and Josie decided to go a bit further and paint their hands with palette knives to paint their papers.  Eliza did such an amazing job painting her hands that she had Elsa gloves!

The corn and tubes were bombarded with various kids attempting different ways to get to the high tubes.  Bodhi discovered that he was light enough that he could stand inside of the table without breaking it and then reach everything he needed.  Rowan joined him later.

River was busy building with Legos.  He created three different types of ships.  My thanks to Trisha and Ginny for all of their help today!