Monday, March 5 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Simon’s 4 ½ birthday with a song and rainbow cake.  We had a different group of bakers than colorers today.  So, it was a great team effort!

At the art table, we were creating sculptures using wood pieces and tape.  For me the hope is to have some of the kids start to work in the three-dimensional realm rather than just two dimensions.  A couple of kids did attempt to work upwards, but most were still working on a flat plane.  They were all very involved though, and that was great to see.  Otto said to me, “You know, it’s called sculpture when they don’t know what it is.”

We were washing pets in the water table.  We had a cat, dog, lizard, and bear being given baths with good scrubs all over.  Watch out for the stuffed animals at home.  This activity somethings passes over to home without anyone realizing!

Outside, Mae was adding dirt to a chair outside.  I asked her if it was to sit in or was it a sculpture?  She said, “to sit on,” then proceeded to sit down on the dirt seat.  “How does it feel,” I asked.  “Dirty!”  She later decided it was a good pad for the chair.

Several different games were going on in the front area.  Firefighters were busy for a bit but then moved on to shark boy and his Mum.  Many kids began to slow down and moved to the building area working with Legos or bristle blocks.  Simon and Henry were playing with the cars and ramps.  I heard some great observations when something didn’t work such as – your car must be heavier than mine, it’s not stable enough – great science inquiry.

My thanks to Kristin and Marya for all of their help today!