Friday, March 2 - What We Did Today!


Today we were inside most of the day.  At first circle, we talked a bit and then I read “The Great Race” a story about how the Jade emperor picked the order of the animals for the calendar.  I was amazed and pleased to see more and more kids stop and pay attention to the story instead of talking to each other.  They did really well.

At the art table, we were checking on direction taking as kids listened to Kyle give directions in making a lantern for the last day of Chinese New Year.  This is not an easy task, but the kids, and Kyle, persisted until they had completed their lanterns.  They come with a tea candle that actually can be lit, but of course, I would keep an eye on it until it is extinguished!

Many of the kids have been working at the woodworking area inventing different things.  Otto and Avery have been working together on a kite for about a week now.  They are using wood, string, nails, foam, and a number of other invention items.  Their thought process has been inspiring to listen to.  Simon and Lillian have also spent much time there.

The last day of the water beads was one of squish, mush, and squash!  It is truly a sensory experience.  The corn and tubes are always a joy for the kids.  I noticed that with the space around the table so small, it has discouraged too many kids from joining at one time.  They eventually all get there, just not in a large group.  Four is about the max.

Aesa, Lucy, and Bing were enjoying some Chinese food in the dramatic play area.  They asked my if it was okay to move Pippa from the table so Lucy would have a seat.  I said just ask her.  They are not buying the idea that these are real kids, but I am still working on the “real” preschoolers!

My thanks to Kyle and Summar for all of their hard work today!