Thursday, March 22 - What We Did Today!


Today we were missing three kids which always seems to make things flow more easily.  Anthony was outside with Sebastian, Stella, Margot, Bash and Liam for a while.  I noticed several worms in Sebastian’s hands, but didn’t get a chance to see what else was going on.

Inside, Jesse was working with the last four kids to make their books.  All four did a great job completing the project.  Now all they need is eight pictures of their family to use for their family story.

The play dough table was busy.  The new green play dough brought in some new creative ideas.  Josie made a tree and Isla decided to put many trees on a flat circle to make a park or forest.

The water table is filled with tubes and pumps and buckets.  The kids like to blow into the tubes to make bubbles, but eventually, they discover they can put a pump on the tube and the water flows from the pump.    Josie discovered the water beads under the table that I have been attempting to dry and shrink back to their original size.  I was preparing to take them out when I was reminded to go with the kids’ ideas, they know what they need and/or want to learn.  Sure enough others joined her whether for the sensory experience of touching them or just because they like to crush things.  Either way, there was much sensory going on along with many happy faces and some wet shirts!

Up in the loft, the veterinary office was hopping.  Josie checked out my Luna girl to make sure she was feeling okay.  Once she gave her a clean bill of health, Adam was checking another dog.  The two were working together very well.  They checked heart beats, temperatures, owies, and bones.  There was bandaging, shots, and medicine being dispersed.

At last circle, we read “Niko draws a feeling” a great story of a boy who draws what he feels not the objects that inspire that feeling.  We will talk more about feelings throughout the year.  My thanks to Jesse and Anthony for all of their help today!