Tuesday, March 20 - What We Did Today!


Happy first day of spring!  The weather even cooperated with the calendar giving us a good look, smells, and sounds of spring.  As you might imagine, many of the kids were outside enjoying spring.  Sebastian was walking around with four worms in a sifter looking for more.  Bodhi and Adam were up and down the slide with and without things in their arms.  Josie was digging in the sand.  She was building a sand castle using a big bucket.  They were all having a great time.

Inside, Aaron was helping Molly finish up her empty book while I tried to tempt others to join in.  These are the books we will be using to write about our families as soon as we get the 8 pictures from said families.  Stella, Margot and Bash came over in a group and each completed their books as well.  These books are so cute.  They are not perfect as we are trying not to do to much for the kids, but these kids are much more capable then we give them credit for.

While helping at the art table, Isla asked me if they could make tattoos.  There were washable pens out, so I said sure.  Ten minutes later, or maybe it only seemed like 10 minutes, Isla, Jubilee and Molly came to the table to show us their tattooing skills.  They did not use washable pens, they used letter stamps with permanent ink pads that I had forgotten were out.  These tattoos will be on for quite a while whether scrubbed or left alone.  My apologies to their families!

The water and dry tables were busy as usual.  The water table had tubes with simple pumps to attach.  Before realizing they could attach the pumps, they came up with their own take on the set-up and began blowing through the tubes creating bubbles or sending water across the table.  They continued going from one to the other enjoying the movement of water.  The dry table is set for pouring or playing.  They corn is in the table and on a nearby table there are small buckets, all sizes of measuring cups, funnels, and wild animals.  It is interesting to see who chooses to pour and who chooses to play with the animals, and then there are those that do both.

My thanks to Aaron and Rachel for covering for our sickies and helping out today!