Monday, March 19 - What We Did Today!

Today we walked up to Whole foods for a field trip with Ben, team head.  Ben was wonderful with the kids, listening, waiting, answering questions, and then sharing what he knows about our community grocery store.  We started in the produce section where we found nine varieties of apples as well as pre-cut fruits and vegetables.  Next on our travels was the pizza bar, yum, then on to the pre-made salads, breads, and bakery goodies.  This was the hardest one to move on from.  Each of the cakes and goodies looked divine!

As we finally got away from the bakery, we headed toward the freezer area with everything from ice cubes to frozen veggies.  Did you know that fresh peas will last one to two days whereas frozen peas may last up to a year?  No wonder we have frozen foods (even though they aren’t as good as fresh!)

We stopped at a display of what looked like a block building but were really soap stacked high.  Whole foods carries food, toys, soaps, cleaning supplies, pet food, and many other things.  We saw the dairy section where they have milk and eggs from happy cows and chickens.  Yep!  He said happy cows and chickens.

Ben showed us his favorite part which you should hear about from your kids.  It was the loading dock where there is an elevator for pallets full of food, an amazing box crusher, and some very special plastic wrap that is used to wrap boxes together on a pallet before shipping.  It is also good as a way to lasso, or as Mae said hog tie, kids.  My favorite thing about this was that the plastic is also recyclable.  They heat it up and make more.

From here we passed the meat department and one of the clerks picked up a piece of salmon that was so big, Ben said it was probably the part just below the head and that the whole salmon was at least 30 pounds.  On to cheese where we saw a huge wheel of Parmesan cheese. 

Ben had some food snacks for us, so we went out to the tables, sat down, and had a sumo tangerine, baby bell cheese, juice, and chocolate brownies.  Wow!

My thanks to Ali and Summar for all of their help today.  The walk was a little more difficult than usual and they were right on top of it!