Friday, March 16 - What We Did Today!


Today we read about being a police officer before writing about some of the tools we saw at the police department on Wednesday.  I have the kids choose at least one tool to draw and then tell me what the tool is and how it is used.  They have been doing a good job with these and today was no different.

Outside I noticed Finn and Easton working hard as they carried heavy objects up the structure and then pushed them down the slide.  Easton was also working in the sand box digging.

At the art table, the kids were making puppets using pre-sewn paper puppets as the base and adding various objects to complete them.  There were big and little buttons, fabric, ribbon, yarn, and embroidery thread to name a few.  I liked hearing what their plan was as they began adding pieces to their puppets.  Avery said his was taking a bath.  Lucy found a great way to make hair using embroidery thread.  Otto made sure his puppet had a belly button.  To each his own!

The play dough table was home to the biggest ball of play dough ever according to Barkley, and he may have been right although Dashel tried to beat it with a bigger ball.

Our quiet game time between clean up and snack has become a favorite time for this group.  When they don’t get time to play a quiet game, they will often put snack off for a bit, so they can play.  I get several pictures of this time every week as it shows me how great they have become at playing together as well as alone.  They have started playing some board games also.

With the rummage sale in the gym, we went for a treasure walk around the block.  We have a few rules – stay between the bread, don’t pick the plants, and watch out for the grass (you never know what may be hiding in there!)  We found lots of treasure.  When we returned, each kid chose one treasure from their bag and shared it with us.  I love this practice as the kids get a chance to be the center of attention and work on their vocalization skills.

My thanks to Kelly and Marya for all of their help today!