Thursday, March 15 - What We Did Today!


Today we started on our books.  The kids are each making the book that we will be writing in and placing their pictures in.  So far, six kids finished their books for publication, Bodhi, Eliza, Isla, Jubilee, Liam, and Sebastian (well, actually Angie knowing there was no way Sebastian would be seen at the art table!)  Angie was exhausted as this is a tough project for this age, but they always come through it with a darling little book.  As I get the pictures from the kids, we will be able to write the books and share them with the class!

The play dough table was full of squishers.  There were pizza makers – Bash and Stella, pancake makers – Molly and Adam, and freeform creators – Josie and Isla!

Several kids were outside with Lisa.  Josie told me she was fixing the structure again.  I’m pretty sure Sebastian was looking for worms.

The vet office has been busy this week.  Again, due to the small space, the kids are keeping the groups small – usually about three.  They are bandaging cats, listening to the heartbeat of several dogs, and giving medication to the snake and lizard.

Liam, River, and our visitor were playing with cars and the ramps.  We have a piece of gutter down spout and they were driving cars on the top at an angle as well as inside the tube at an angle.  Liam was attempting to find a way to stop the spout from moving as nothing was at the bottom to hold it in place.

At the end of the day, with no gym to play in, we went outside for a walk.  This is the first time for this group, so I had to explain the rules.  I like to tell them we are a sandwich.  The adults are the bread on the outside.  Then I ask them what they want to be in the sandwich.  This is always fun as you get peanut butter, pickles etc.  Today, Sebastian told me “I am not food.” And that was that!  It went okay, but we need some more practice before we go across streets.

My thanks to Angie and Lisa for all of their help today!