Wednesday, March 14 - What We Did Today!

We had an amazing visit at the police station today.  Officer Jamie and Officer Jason did a wonderful job showing us lots of tools they use every day.

Officer Jason went over his uniform and talked to us about each of the tools he was wearing – pepper spray, tazer, handcuffs, flashlight, dog collar/leash, keys and his vest.

We talked about what to do if we ever see a gun, don’t touch it and tell a grown up.  Why to wear a helmet when biking, skate boarding or scootering (I know, not a real word) you don’t want to crack or hit your head.  What number do you call if you are in trouble or someone is hurt, call 911.

Then we took a trip through the precinct.  We saw where the police fill out reports and other paper work, where the sergeants sit (and I do mean sergeants, there were about 5 different desks in a small room.)  Where they keep their tools.  Then we headed to a large garage that housed the mobile command center.  I think the parents and I learnt as much if not more than the kids did!  Jason drove a police car into the garage giving us a chance to see the lights and hear the radio.  He opened up all the doors and let the kids climb in and out of the front and/or the back seats.

After a picture op, we headed back to the conference room where Jamie had bags for each of the kids.  They were back packs with a coloring book and crayons, a stuffy, and some stickers.  I think this was one of the best field trips ever.

My thanks to those of you who were able to drive – Jake, Marya, Summar, Kymberli, Michelle, Margaret, Julianna, and Ali.  We couldn’t have gone without you.  Also, my thanks to Jake and  Kerri for all of their help dealing with the rest of the day!