Tuesday, March 13 - What We Did Today!


Today we were busy everywhere – including outside in the rain!  Kari was able to stay dry under the eaves, but Adam, Rowan, and Josie were running through the rain with glee.

We have a veterinarian’s office set up in the loft.  Many kids visited the area to care for dogs, cats, snakes, and lizards.  Josie was so proud as she finished up bandaging a puppy.  Jubilee was making sure that all of her patients were taking the appropriate medicine. Bash and Stella decided to work on people instead of animals and the animals became their pets.

River and Josie were cooking in the kitchen while Bodhi, Bash and Stella were under the loft planning I don’t know what, but it had to do with tongue depressors.  I removed one of the bins I had near the dry table and adjusted some of the tubes hoping to control more of the mess.  It appears to have worked, although, I am not sure if there were fewer kids using the station than normal or if the adjustment really helped.  Liam told me he needed something to reach the taller tubes.  When I asked him what he thought would work, he said a ladder.  So, I brought out the ladder and then watched as various kids maneuvered their way behind each other, around each other, and side by side on the ladder.  Bodhi and Jubilee found a way to make it work while others just waited for turns.

At the art table, we painted with a paint made from cornstarch and vinegar with food coloring to give it color.  We used Q-tips to paint with.  River took it one step farther by using the Q-tips as a point rather than a brush and consolidating the colors in their own space with the end result being pointillism.

My thanks to Aaron and Kari for all of their help today!