Monday, March 12 - What We Did Today!


Today the kids did well.  We thought with the glorious weather they would all be outside, but it was about split between inside and outside.  Henry was racing trucks.  Barkley, Easton, and Marcus were playing pirates who build things.  Mae was a unicorn cleaner.  She can push that push broom like nobody I know!  Others came and took in a small amount of vitamin D before going back inside.

Inside the water table was changed to a dish washing station with nice warm soapy water.  The dishes were cleaned many times and left to drip dry until someone else came along to wash.  The play dough table was filled with pizza and burritos as Marcus squished, smoothed, rolled and cut the play dough into various items.

I removed the extra bin from the dry table which left much less mess, but there were fewer kids playing there as well.  I will need to figure out if that was due to the change or the sun.

The loft was turned into a veterinarian’s office to help the kids work through their vet visit from last week.  As the loft is a much smaller space, fewer kids were able to be up there at the same time.  I noticed three seemed to be the most frequent number in a group.  This was left entirely to the kids.  I didn’t restrict the numbers or make any comments.  They seemed to pick up the necessary tools and jobs of the vet.

We began another Magic Tree House book today.  All of the kids sat and listened as we prepared ourselves for the Amazon!  My thanks to Andrew and Ali for all of their help.