Thursday, March 1 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Bodhi’s birthday with rainbow cake and a song.  The colors were beautiful in the cake.  It almost made it too pretty to eat – almost!

Outside, Sebastian and Josie were searching for worms.  We found some good-sized ones and carried them around for a while.  Eventually, they were let go into the dirt.  Molly and Margot were doing woodworking on the play structure.  The maintenance necessary for the structure is never ending!

Inside, there was a multitude of things going on.  Several kids are enjoying the corn and tubes.  It is great to watch how they manipulate their environment in order to work with each of the various tubes.  There is climbing, stretching, and finding various objects to stand on.

At the art table, we were making lanterns for Chinese New Year and/or finishing our dragons.  The lanterns were a cutting exercise as well as lanterns.  The kids had to follow directions and fold and cut their paper where the lines were.  The second part to our dragons was to add some paper trailers to the head they had already painted.  The dragons fly and look great just hanging from above.

Firefighters were busy throughout the day putting out fires in the loft and the reading area, as well as several other places in the classroom.  Later, I asked who would like to be a fire fighter.  I got two for fire fighters and five for ballerinas. 

Many of the kids have been working with the manipulatives such as the Legos, bristle blocks, and Widgets.  Today they were also playing with the memory game, the wok game, and some puzzles.  My thanks to Rachel and Kai for all of their help today.