Friday, February 9 - What We Did Today!


Okay, they were back to normal today.  Everything you would normally expect happened, trouble sitting in circle, trouble focusing, trouble remembering how to solve problems.  Most these situations are during circle which is not necessarily an appropriate expectation.  So once again they have helped me to remember what is important and when it is time to let go.  It also helped me to remember how well this group responds to physical songs and actions.

We made Valentines for someone special which we will be mailing on Monday.  This will give us an opportunity to see how long it takes a letter to get from one place to another.

The soup has been a lot of fun for the kids.  Today, they were making chocolate veggie soup, noodle soup, and strawberry soup.  They were practicing pouring and serving liquids where it didn’t matter if anything spilt.

Dash and Barkley were in the loft creating what I thought was a spaceship, but then they were skate boarding all around the room, so I think I was mistaken.

Aesa was playing Kubo complete with eye patch.  She was using the ukulele for her “two strings” and serving up rice with chop sticks.

Outside, the kids were using the slide as a crashing pad for trucks, blocks of wood, and their bodies!  They have taken up climbing the rope to the top of the slide like mountain climbers.  Sometimes the others will help pull them up, but usually they climb holding the rope with hand over hand.  Some great heavy work!

Again, our clean-up went very quickly allowing the kids to have more time playing quiet games which they like to do.  My thanks to Kaci and Andrew for all of their help today!