Wednesday, February 7 - What We Did Today!


Something must have happened last week, but I’m not sure what it was.  These kids have been great, playing together appropriately, cleaning up as they go along (with and without reminders), and walking/lining up!  They are working together solving problems, mixing with different kids, and trying new things.  Kindergarten here they come!

Making soup at the water table was very popular today.  There was some drama with wanting the same things, but problems were solved quickly.  While the kids are cutting, stirring, and serving up soup, I like to ask them open-ended questions to help them build on what they are doing.  For instance, what kind of soup is this?  How many cups of water did it take to make?  You can see their eyes roll upward as they think about the question before coming up with an answer.

Outside, there were some kids bug hunting.  They found many worms and worried about spiders.  Those of you who know me, know that I am somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to animals and that includes creepy crawlies!  So today I pushed a point that probably wasn’t necessary, but I couldn’t help thinking that when nature and the planet are concerned, the younger kids are while learning about taking care of our earth, the better.  One of the kids wanted me to destroy all of the spider webs near where they wanted to play.  I stopped and said I couldn’t do that because they had their home there and I wasn’t comfortable destroying anyone’s home.  We talked for a while, but she was not happy with me.  I can only hope she will take the information and apply it to other things in nature as she grows.  Then, maybe our planet will have the stewardship it needs to survive.

Oops, sorry, propaganda over.  It was a joy to be here today with these kids as well as my parent helpers.  Thanks to Julianna and Kymberli for all of their help.