Tuesday, February 6 - What We Did Today!

We started out really well today with kids busy in at least six areas.  They were quickly drawn to the mailbox and the mail bags.  They gathered up the premade letters and added them to their bags.  When these were all packed up, they made new letters to mail.  Bash and Molly were the first to be mail carriers, but several others got the chance as well.

In the water table, the kids were making soup.  They had two pots, water, a bowl of food, and kitchen tools such as a knife, ladle, and spoon.  I tasted noodle soup, avocado soup, and a wonderful vegetable soup.  Various kids came and went and then returned again later.  There was a lot of pouring and measuring going on.

Outside, Josie and Sebastian were looking for worms.  Sebastian had set-up a wonderful habitat for them to rest in while he continued to look for more.  Josie was so excited to show the other kids what they had found.  She carried the worm in to share each time they found a new one.

In the dramatic play area, we are back to a kitchen or restaurant.  Several kids there decided to bake chocolate chip cookies.  They worked very well together as some sat at the table and others did the cooking.

At circle time, everything changed.  They had difficulty sitting in their own space, difficulty listening to the songs, even difficulty listening to the story.  At the gym, the chaos continued with kids accidentally running into other kids, stepping on feet, and scaring others.  Finally, just before leaving for home or lunch bunch, we did some stretching and mirror movement.  Then we created a rain storm that we could hear pass over our heads bringing us back to a more controlled (I hope) place.

My thanks to Lisa and Brittni for all of their help today!