Monday, February 5 - What We Did Today!


Wow!  I’m not really sure where to begin describing our day.  The kids were amazing, the parent helpers positive and involved, and I was pacing.  So much to do without adult help and so little time to do it in!

During circle, we read about Postal carriers, what they do, how they go about doing it, and what tools they may need to do their jobs.  There was much discussion as to the gender of the mail carrier, whether they walked or drove (or both!), and what they might use to carry the mail.  From there, I showed them the mail box and two bags to carry mail for delivery.  When it seemed as if there wasn’t enough mail for all the carriers to deliver, they made their own mail by writing a letter or card, putting it into an envelop and mailing it in the post box. 

Art table was crayons, sharpeners, wax paper and an iron.  The first comment I heard was “we already did this”!  oh, well, what are you going to do?  Some of the kids cut the final project into various shapes.  I got caught up in the moment and made a heart for tracing.  I immediately stepped back when I realized what I had done and was happy to see many kids did not trace the heart but cut their pieces into various forms.  Marcus made a T-Rex that was pretty impressive.

Outside, there were haulers, treasure hunters, bug hunters, and mountain climbers.  The haulers, Dashel, Avery, Easton, and Otto were carrying large stones, wood blocks and rubber mats up the slide.  The treasure hunters, Edie and Henry, were digging out the sand looking for any treasure they could find.  Lillian and Finn were looking for bugs in all the right places and putting them in the bug catcher.  I think most of them were attempting to climb the mountain using the rope, but I only saw Lillian actually help Otto by pulling the rope up the slide while Otto held on.  Now that is heavy work!

Several kids such as Barkley, Dashel, and Henry cleaned up their area before moving on without me telling them to!  That was fabulous.  After mentioning that, Marcus and Aria cleaned up the two areas they had been playing in, again, without being asked.  Even the outdoor kids began cleaning up as soon as the clean-up song started.  Absolutely marvelous!  I think they were all surprised when they had time for a quiet game because everything was already cleaned up.

My thanks to Margaret and Ali for all of their help today!