Tuesday, February 27 - What We Did Today!


Today I noticed a definite need for a preschool day!  And not because of the parent sighs at drop off.  There was much energy throughout the room.  Everything would be buzzing and then out of nowhere, there would be crying or yelling.  After checking out the problem and helping problem solve, it would be buzzing again until the next shout.  All things considered, they did fine and it never hurts to revisit empowerment and problem-solving skills.

Outside, Sebastian found a worm which he carried around for a while.  Sarah told me that the worm eventually became a crash car dummy as he was placed in the driver’s seat of a truck before being sent down the slide.

We celebrated Adam’s 4th birthday with a song and lemon cake.  The bakers today apparently did a good job as most of the cake was in tummies not the compost.

At the art table, we used red and gold paints to create a design that will later become a dragon head in celebration of Chinese New Year.

In the dry table, I have set up a contraption of boxes and tubes along with cracked corn for pouring into various places.  Today I noticed kids working at three different levels of the table.  One child was standing on the lip of the table allowing himself to reach up to a tube above the rest, another was on the box under the table giving her about a foot more of height to  see what and where she was pouring and the third was standing on the floor pouring into a tube right at her level or bending to take corn out of the big box next to the table.  In each instant, the child in question must balance their body, be comfortable with their position, stretch to reach tubes, be aware of others nearby, and still be able to pour corn through small tubes.  I would say those kids knew their bodies and what they were capable of.

My thanks to Kari and Sarah for all of their help today!