Monday, February 26 - What We Did Today!


Today the kids were quick to join up with others in various areas and play well together.  This went on until clean up time.

Outside, a few kids were running around.  Finn found treasure and kept Richard out for most of the morning.

The play dough is red with glitter added in honor of Chinese New Year.  We talked a bit about the holiday, cleaning house, red envelops with lucky money, oranges for good fortune and the dragon dance.  We painted some fans at the art table to add to our dramatic play.

We have Chinese clothing for dress up and various types of Asian food and utensils.  There is a wok, bowls for rice, tea pots with small cups, and bamboo steamers.  Several kids were enjoying a meal they made together while in full character.

I had just put together a set of boxes with tubes and corn so there was much interest there.  My boxes had disappeared, so I had to compromise with smaller ones.  Otto helped me had some tubes to the contraption.  I have seen a lot of sensory areas using corn as the medium, so I was surprised when I found out how messy it was.  I think it was worse than sand!  This didn’t stop the kids, they were climbing chairs, standing on the table edge, bending under the box, and retrieving corn from all over.  You have to have a good understanding of your body to be comfortable doing all of these things.  There was a bit of trouble working in the same space, but as soon as I remembered to back out and let them figure it out, they did great.

The water table was once more home to the fire extinguishers and flames to battle.  This is great hand eye coordination as well as strengthening hand muscles.  My thanks to Ali and Richard for all of their help today!