Tuesday, February 20 - What We Did Today!


Today many kids were outside in the snow with Aaron.  He was so great, he was making snowballs for the kids to throw at him!  When I was out checking the action, the kids were making a snowman on the picnic table.  We even added a carrot nose!

Inside, it was much warmer.  We had red play dough in honor of Chinese New Year.  At the table, we added gold glitter making it even more of a sensory experience.  The kids were making lots of interesting things, one even tried painting the dough.

The water table is set up with some fire flames and red plastic squirt bottles.  The idea is to put out the fire by squirting water at the base of the flame.  This action builds eye hand coordination, hand strength, and the knowledge of using a fire extinguisher (kind of!)

The wild animals were in the dry table with the forest.  Several kids were setting up animals with ideas of what the game they were going to play would look like.  Luckily, not everyone had the same idea leaving some opportunity to practice problem solving skills.

Addy, Sebastian and I were making music together in the loft.  The fire station is set up there, but with so many kids outside, no one seemed to need the area to fight fires.

In general, these kids did a great job today.  They handled themselves well while working with each other to solve problems.  My thanks to Brittni and Aaron for all of their help today!