Friday, February 2 - What We Did Today!


Today we talked about and acted out the story of “The Mitten.”  Everyone wanted a turn, so we went through the story twice.  We have the story and characters set up in two places, one as a felt board or puppet activity and the other with masks.  The kids usually like to act the story out throughout the week.

Avery, Barkley, Dashel, Simon, Henry, and Marcus were at the play dough table working with the bubber.  They were working together for about 30 minutes before they started to scatter to other centers!  There were minimal disputes which needed minimal help solving. 

At the water table, we had warm soapy water and straws for bubble blowing (a few tools to make bubbles as well.)  Kids were in and out of this center saving their straws in their cubbies for later use.

Avery and Otto decided to turn the loft into a pirate ship.  Only pirates were allowed.  Lucy was the first to join the crew followed by Barkley and Dashel and finally Easton.  This was a serious pirate crew.  A few of them went to find the treasure by swimming to the shore.  When they returned there was much joy and celebration.  I have never heard such amazing musical pirates!

The cars made it out and the ramps followed soon after.  There were races as well as stories connected to the individual cars.  Henry was trying to find out which was the fastest car.

Outside, Aria, Finn, Easton and Edie were having a great time listening to the woodchipper.  I think Marya was also impressed as she realized one of the “trucks” was remote controlled.  Aesa and Lillian joined the others outside digging and carrying tools up to the top of the play structure.

My thanks to Kelly and Marya for all of their help today!