Friday, February 16 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Edie’s 4 ½ birthday with rainbow cake and a song.  Since were had a field trip, I made the cake a head of time.  As I was ready to put it into the oven, I realized I had forgotten the sugar (definitely not okay!)  I sprinkled it on top of the cake and attempted to mix it without messing up the rainbow part of the cake (brown is not a color of the rainbow!)  Most of the kids like it and Edie took home the left overs, so it must have been at least edible.

Our field trip to the fire station went really well.  The kids did a great job listening as Firefighter Brian showed us lots of tools that they use to fight fires with.  They learnt that the fire truck is the one with the ladder and the fire engine is the one with the water.  They saw three different sizes of hoses and couplers, several chainsaws, a New York pick, and axes. 

I think their favorite part was climbing into the cab of the fire engine.  Brian took three kids at a time, let them look around, and asked them if they had any questions.  Simon found a lock box and wanted to know first what it was and second what the combination was.

Firefighter Brian dressed up in all of his gear, I do mean all, to let the kids see what he would look like if they were in a fire and needed help.  He talked through his mask with the oxygen on giving us a great impression of Darth Vader.  We then reiterated that it was just firefighter Brian and he would keep you safe.  The kids were given a homework assignment to come up with a meeting place outside of their houses in case of a fire.

Back at school, we had a bit of time for some play before it was snack time, then cake, and finally gym.

My thanks to all of our drivers as well as to Jessica and Michelle for their help today!