Thursday, February 15 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Sebastian’s 4th birthday with a song and confetti cake.  Ginny surprised us with a bucket of what I call water balls.  I don’t know the real name.  You take a small packet of granules which appear to be no bigger than granulated sugar, add water, and presto, the grains absorb the water and grow to about ¾ of an inch.  At this point, they are bouncy, squishy, and a lot of fun.  Thanks Ginny!

Not much interest at the art table.  Perhaps because the weather was so wonderful.  It called to many kids.  Sebastian was searching for bugs.  He found several worms and a caterpillar.  He put the worms into a bucket that the butterfly class had created as a worm home while he carried the caterpillar everywhere with him.  When he joined the pirates, his caterpillar was his crew.  Speaking of pirates, the play structure became a pirate ship and Bodhi and Sebastian were sword fighting the pirates while Adam sent his pirate ship into the battle.  Liam was out digging for treasure while Jubilee was climbing mountains!

Inside, we had a couple of small tubs with warm water, a bottle of soap, a scrub brush and a pet that needed washing.  There is something about warm soapy water that is very calming.  Dramatic play was mainly about a restaurant.  There are many good cooks in this class and they excel in this environment.

River, Liam, and Eliza were playing wild animals using the forest as a home for some of the animals.  River told me he would like it if his lion just became real.  I thought that would be cool too!

In the science area, I put up a sheet to encourage shadow puppet play.  Rowan did a great job amusing his audience with an Auk and a groundhog.

My thanks to Jesse and Angie for all of their help today