Wednesday, February 14 - What We Did Today!


Happy Valentine’s Day!  We enjoyed decorating cookies and opening valentines today.  The rule is no candy until you check with your family.  This was tough, but everyone handled it well.

We wrote another page for our community book about the post box or mail carrier.  We are tracking how long it takes for the letters we mailed on Monday to be delivered.  At this point with only one mail day passed, no one had received their letters.  We will check again on Friday.  Many of the letters had to be rerouted as I only had the original address, so they may take a bit longer.

Outside, Edie was creating a home for worms.  She worked very hard making it just right.  Easton was using the wood circles to make a balancing track, jumping from one to the next.

Marcus and Simon were using ramps to race cars.  The ramps were various types and styles as were the cars.  They created different places and slopes with the ramps keeping what they liked and moving what they didn’t.

In the loft, there were several wild animals.  They were trying to keep away from the animal catcher who seemed to be prowling around their area.  The best part of all of this was as I listened in each of the areas, the kids were giving ideas to the group, taking ideas from others in the group, and working the storyline out as a team.  This is a wonderful skill and necessary as they move forward into the world.

After snack, we took our valentine boxes to the gym where we looked at each of the valentines we received.  There were lots of “ohhs”, and “ahhs” and “I got candy!”  My thanks to Kyle and Julianna for all of their help today!