Monday, February 12 - What We Did Today!


Today we attempted something different.  We broke into groups with specific tasks set for two of the three. 

One group worked at the art table with Marya making their Valentine’s Day boxes.  They had to fold, tape of glue, write their names and decorate their box.  They handled the “have to” well and stayed involved until it was time to move on.

Group two was outside with Stefan for some free play.  Again, it was a “have to” and as far as I know, almost everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.

The final group was with me.  The kids made valentines on Friday that were to be mailed today.  So, we addressed the envelopes after deciding who to send our valentine to, asked about what city and state we live in, added a return address (mine) just in case I made a mistake writing the address, and added a stamp.  I think the hardest part besides deciding who to send the valentines to, was folding and stuffing the valentines into the envelopes!

After completing the envelop, we went outside and looked for a mail box.  One was spotted kitty corner from the bus stop outside the church.  We waited for the lights to change, crossed both streets and found the mail box.  I showed them where it tells us when the mail is picked up, the lock in the bottom half insuring only the postal carrier can get the mail, and how to drop their letters into the box.  They were great following safe practices on our walk back to the school, between the white lines, with me, and watching for the signals.

Once groups were finished, it was clean-up time with snack following quickly behind.  We acted out “The Mitten” and headed to the gym.  My thanks to Marya and Stefan for all their help today!