Thursday, February 1 - What We Did Today!

Today much was going on as per the norm.  A bag of plastic eggs was found, opened and utilized.  The random ideas coming from various kids as to what to do with the eggs was lovely.  Stella was having an egg hunt.  Jubilee was collecting.  Several were opening and filling them.

We did some palette knife painting using finger paint which is a bit thicker than tempera and a wooden stick.  I only put out red, blue, and yellow so that new colors would emerge as the kids wiped the paper with their sticks.  Very fun and effective.

The water table was once again filled with warm soapy water and tools to create bubbles with.  My favorite is the straw.  He makes proper breathing a must which is helpful for kids if they are having a tough time.  If you find a straw in their cubbies, keep it there so that it is available when we have warm soapy water.

The doctors’ office is no longer a draw, so next week it will be something else – a Chinese restaurant or a post office.  For now, the doctors’ office was an amazing climbing structure!

I wasn’t outside, but Rachel was for much of the day, so I am assuming much was happening out there.  I hope she took lots of pictures so that I can see the who, what, and how.

There was much music in the loft.  Adam likes to be lead guitar while Josie is happy with percussion and voice.  Stella was also percussion along with Bash and Margot.  Margot also brought her voice in to play singing original songs such as “No, no, no, no, no!”  Josie added her own verse of “yes, yes, yes, no, no!” 

We had a family visiting today and the kids did a great job talking with them. My thanks to Jenny and Rachel for all of their help answering questions!