Wednesday, December 5 - What We Did Today!

This group continues to grow!  They are loud and energetic, but very involved with each other and the environment.

In circle today, we recapped Diwali, Winter Solstice, and Hanukkah then talked about Santa Lucia.  The Saint of Light, St. Lucy, is celebrated in the Scandinavian countries especially Sweden.  The oldest daughter of the family dresses in white with a crown of lights on her head to wake up the parents and serve them breakfast.

We didn’t go very far into the celebration, but we did use an orange and a flash light to explain why so many of the winter celebrations involve bringing back the light.  It gets very dark in the Northern Hemisphere in winter!

Outside, Kristin had anywhere from two to seven kids playing in the sunny, cold outdoors.  They were finding new ways to use the coaster from the roller coaster while also creating bigger ramps then ever before with the help of the slide.

Inside, Brad was working with those that were interested in making a crown of candles for Santa Lucia Day.  Several kids joined in creating various styles of crowns.  Lex, once finished, created an amazing collage with various papers that he cut in to different sizes and taped or stapled together. 

I was working with kids that were interested in recreating diyas as the previous diyas had been hammered into chunks of clay by a caterpillar student.  Most of the kids weren’t fazed which surprised me, because I was still trying to let it go.

Today we read “All About Me” by Lex Hutcheson, “All About Me” by Simon Darmofal, and “All About Me” by Molly Herbst.  My thanks to Brad and Kristin for all of their help today!